specially crafted for everyone to design and conceptualize the workflow for their own process


It is a strategic planning tool designed for everyone. It summarizes all key elements in system design on single sheet of paper.

Transforms the canvas into complete software solution within hours

How does it work?

Workflow Canvas has 5 sections, i.e. Information, Classification, Activity, State and Flow.
Anyone can master it in an hour!


Information collected or generated from the process is listed down. These can be gathered from spreadsheets or paper form.


The groupings of information. These information are grouped by User/Role (who), Time (when), and nature of information, i.e. Plan, Action, Decision, Outcome (what).


Activities that can be performed during the process. For example, ‘Accept/Reject’, ‘Inform’, ‘Complete’, ‘Pay’ or anything that describes someone doing something to the process.


State is the status of the current process. Just like Rubber Stamps with words like ‘Approved’, ‘Pending’ or ‘Closed’, it represents milestones or changes of responsibility throughout a business process.


The overview of the whole workflow. It connects everything together, from Information, Classification, Activity, to State. It describes the information flow and the activities that can be performed under which state.

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Listed below are frequently asked questions we receive...

Workflow Canvas is a new strategic planning tool to assist users to design workflows for processes. Previously, there was no such tool, and users had to start from a blank sheet of paper.

You may refer to the articles in this website or our Facebook page. Videos and posts explaining the Workflow Canvas will be available soon.

You may refer to the Contact page and contact any of our certified professionals to find out more about the canvas and system.

Yes, we do provide training sessions such as Workshops and Certified Trainings. You may send us a request through the contact details in this website.

Yes, it is absolutely free to use and it is available for everyone to download.


Hear what users are saying about CANVAS!

Seng Siong, Owner, Swifi

““The workshop is wonderful, I learn about how the process flow is designed and builded using fetias canvas. The fantastic part is it can be converted into a system within hours.””

Kia Johnson, Software Engineer, Effron Sdn. Bhd.

““FETIAS Canvas helps the business flow planning process to become more organised and clear, yet the concept is simple to be understood and implemented.””

Tim, Manager, Liquidbase Chemicals

“I'm able to identify each information and action needed for a process to move from state to state. This is extremely helpful for me to explain the whole workflow more clearly to my team with much less effort.”