Workflow Canvas Short Explanation

FETIAS Canvas is a strategic planning tool designed for everyone, no matter you are executives, managers, or IT professionals.

It assists a person or organization to design or describe workflow for a business process. It summarizes all key ideas that essential to system design in just single sheet of paper.

The canvas is divided into 5 sections, which is Information, Classification, Activity, State and Flow

First, Information, information collected or generated from the process is listed down here together with the type such as date, number, or text. These information can be retrieved from Spreadsheet or Paper Form.

Next, Classification, is the groupings of information. Information listed in first section will be grouped by Time when the information is collected, particular User or Role who has this information. Besides, nature of the information to be considered as well such as Plan, Action, Decision, Outcome. After information is grouped, name is given to the grouping for easy reference later on.

Third, Activity, activities that can be performed in the process. It can be ‘Accept/Reject’, ‘Inform’, ‘Process’, ‘Complete’, ‘Pay’ or anything that describe someone doing something to the process. Just indicate with an activity have matching Classification information collected when that activity is performed.

Fourth, State, is the status of current process. Just like Rubber Stamp with words like ‘Approved’, ‘Pending’, or ‘Closed’, it representing milestone or changes of responsibility throughout a business process. It enables process owners easily identify the bottleneck and optimize the process.

And lastly, Flow, the overview of the whole workflow, it connects everything, from Information, Classification, Activity, to State together and describe how is the information flow also what are the activities can be performed under which state and will result into which state.

FETIAS Canvas is filled. FETIAS Canvas not only serves as tool to let you reimagine workflow for your daily job but as a communication tool as well for the understanding of designed workflow within team or accross department. There is more, it is readily to be transformed into software system through FETIAS System.